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12 – 14 April 2017, Taipei

Z-Wave Academy

Z-Wave Academy – Driving the IoT Market to the Future

SMAhome - Z-Wave

IoT is touted as the next big thing in the coming decade, as we have seen a wide selection of products and solutions emerged from the market that are commonly dedicated to making our lives more connected and convenient.

Over the years, Z-Wave Alliance has successfully built up a comprehensive ecosystem with rich choices of interoperable & commercially deployable IoT systems worldwide.

The Next IoT Hub in Asia

This year, at SMAhome Exhibition and Conference 2017, Z-Wave Alliance will bring the top-drawer manufacturers and present the first-ever Z-Wave Academy to the Asia market, aiming to invite more leading Asian manufacturers to join Z-Wave Alliance and build the next IoT hub in Asia.

Z-Wave Academy, as an integrated programme accommodating product training, will showcase hands-on experience zone and conventional trade show under one roof during the three-day fair.

Attendees to SMAhome Expo 2017 will not only get the firsthand information to the IoT and smart home industry, but will benefit from complete technical know-hows and updated industry trends from first-class Z-Wave systems providers.

SMAhome - Z-Wave

Z-Wave Academy Training Sessions

12 April 2017
13:00 - 13:55           
The Critical 4 Steps of Smarthome Implementation
+ Flexnet Protocol WorkShop
Flex Automation Jean Pascal Nathan De Simone / Z-Wave Evangelist
14:00 - 15:00 How to Develop Z-Wave Controllers Using Z-Wave Middleware Dr Christian Paetz / CEO
15:05 - 16:00 Build your cloud based IOT product effortlessly Axalent John Yu / CEO
13 April 2017
13:00 - 13:55 Z-Wave Alliance Certified Installer Tool Training
Z-Wave Alliance Dr Christian Paetz / Z-Wave Evangelist
14:00 - 14:55 Z-Uno Programming Work Shop Serguei Poltarak / CTO
15:00 - 16:00 Practical Antenna Design for Wireless Products Ubitech Limited Henry Lau / Consultant


Dr Christian Paetz
Z-Wave Evangelist

Dr Christian Paetz is a long-time Z-Wave Evangelist, and the author of Z-Wave Basics: Remote Control in Smart Homes. Hailing from Chemnitz, Germany, Dr. Paetz received his Master Degree in Information Technology in 1993, and his Doctor's Degree in 1998. Leaving academics in 2000, he formed his first startup that year in Saxony, DE; the company was soon acquired by a US-based company. In 2012 he was appointed as Professor for Systems Reliability at Chemnitz University. In addition to his scientific work, he publishes on the topics of engineering, economics and entrepreneurship, holds 7 patents, serves as board member of several companies and is the primary European representative for the Z-Wave Alliance


Jean Pascal Nathan De Simone
Z-Wave Evangelist, Latin America, Director of Flex Automation, Brazil

Based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Jean Pascal Nathan De Simone has 20 years of experience in marketing and international business development throughout four different continents, with particular expertise in identifying reliable sources for emerging technologies and potential products. Mr. De Simone holds Master’s Degrees in both Lighting Design and Business Administration.  At a time when home control was almost completely unknown in his country, Jean brought the first Z-Wave products into Brazil. In addition to his role as Z-Wave Evangelist, Jean Pascal is a pioneer in designing and deploying smart residential spaces, including multi-dwelling units in his native country, and the force behind Z-Wave Brazil.


Serguei Poltorak
Co-founder & CTO in Z-Wave.Me

Serguei Poltorak is a long-time Z-Wave enthusiast. Based in Moscow, Russia Mr. Poltorak driven the establishing of Z-Wave market in his country. With 15 years of experience in development of tools for automation of business processes he is co-leading Z-Wave.Me being responsible for technology and innovations. Holds Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics.


John Yu
Founder & CEO, Axalent Solutions

John Yu is the founder and CEO of Axalent Solutions, Inc.  He has over 25 years of US and China industry experience in the development and applications of semiconductor chipsets, consumer electronics, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) and Internet systems.  In 2014, John founded Axalent.  In collaboration with Silicon Valley-based Arrayent, Inc., Axalent focuses on providing a comprehensive Internet-of-Things cloud and systems platform, enabling innovators and manufacturers to quickly and reliably develop and deploy smart products, and allow them to interact with other devices, apps and 3rd-party services.  This platform has been successfully applied to areas such as smart home, smart lighting, smart appliances and personal health.


Henry Lau
Consultant, Ubitech Ltd.

Henry Lau received his M.Sc. and MBA degrees from UK and USA respectively. He has more than 26 years of experience in designing RF systems, products and RFICs in both Hong Kong and US. He worked for Motorola and Conexant in US as Principal Engineer on developing RFICs for cellular phone and silicon tuner applications. Mr Lau holds five patents all in RF designs. He is currently consultant and business partner of Ubitech Limited, Sigma Designs appointed Z-Wave module distributor for China region.

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