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12 – 14 April 2017, Taipei

Cloud Service Platform for Smart Home Conference

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Software design is the fundamental factor in building up a successful smart home solution that can truly provide comfort to people’s lives. However, M2M platform & software design might not be the forte of all professional players in the smart home, especially the smart home ecosystems are still rather fragmented than ever in the industry.

It is commonly known in the industry that only when the smart home devices, be it thermostat, lighting, coffee machine, or security camera, can join forces and create a relaxing atmosphere will the smart home solution enter into the mass-adoption stage.

In order to cross the challenges and make the smart home products a must-have, hardware makers has been aggressively looking for experienced partners specialized in software & platform integration that help them to build up an interoperable smart home solutions promising a smart living style.

SMAhome decides to drive the industry moving forward!

In 2017, the Cloud Service Platform for Smart Home Conference will be presenting topics as below:

  • Create Added Values with Cloud Platform Service
  • Real Smart Home – Total Integration through Cloud Service
  • Undiscovered Business Values in Cloud Platform
  • How to Build up Secured Smart Home Environment through Cloud Platform
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