21–23 April 2021 Taipei, Taiwan More info

Made in Quality Product Showcase

The showcase will place spotlights on the most innovative technologies for smart building with internet of things.

Showcase focus

  • Multi-Ecosystem
    The highest state of the Internet of Things is that ecosystems can be interconnected. Verification of interoperability between ecosystems using real-world field user context simulation

  • Interoperability
    APP is an indispensable interface for operating and setting up smart devices. The APP's normal operation on various platforms is a big challenge for APP developers. Verification will be performed on the mainstream iOS and Android platforms whether it can execute normally.

  • Stability & Reliability
    The reliability of the signal connection directly affects the availability of smart devices, because in the world of IoT, their cannot be a failure in disconnection. The strong/medium/weak signal area can be easily found through the hot spot map of the network signal strength. By selecting different signal strength positions, the connection reliability of the smart device can be evaluated accordingly.

  • Creativity
    Appearance, product and system design.
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