The business and technology platform for Asian smart building industry players

Featuring components, devices, software platforms and intergrated solutions, the show is an ideal place to showcase solution to Asian distributors, installers, integrators, architechts and contractors acorss the region that are adopting intelligent connected solutions. Exhibitors can also leverage strong manufacturer visitor segment to target OEM/ODMs for potential technology adoption

Here is what people said about SMAbuilding:

We found the show very exciting and we’ve learned about quite a lot of technologies for security, smart city, smart home and transportation. The show was well organised and we hope to see more interactions and relationships built between South African companies and the show. I don't regret having spent time and money coming here to Taiwan.

The Smart living Solution Centre is a great platform for a smart-home solution provider like us who are expanding our territory to the elderly care and smart community segments. The way the centre is presented is innovative and easy to understand for buyers who are sourcing solutions and not just devices.

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